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Super excited - we're singing at Rugby League World Cup!

Woohoo! Happy to announce we'll be teaming up with State of Mind Sport and singing at the England v Australia Physical Disability Rugby League (PDRL) opening game as part of the Rugby League World Cup.

The match takes place on Sunday October 23rd in Warrington.

State of Mind got in touch with the ichoir because we have a similar ethos of encouraging people to be aware of and to look after their mental wellbeing.

They had a song that they were recording that was written for them, 'One Voice, One Song,

We are United' and they wanted us to join them in singing it live at the PDRL!

Of course we said YES!

So.... we've been learning the song over the last little while and we are united in saying it's been lots of fun and we can't wait to sing it at the game!

You can stream their song on YouTube and Spotify.

(More exciting news coming soon too about performing at the Rugby League World Cup Cultural Festival ....we'll keep you posted!)

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