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We're hanging in!

Well it's been a while since we posted....

Little did we know when we signed off after our last post what 2020 would bring!

There we were, come January, singing again each week and enjoying ourselves with lots of plans for the upcoming year.

Then March hit and things changed dramatically!

So - we haven't been able to get together to sing as a group but we've been What'sApp-ing, Zooming, singing, some of us ukulele-ing, quizzing, walking, and making our own fun.

Colette is due to have her baby any day now too, so we'll have a new member of the choir by the time we get back together!

No denying it's been tough for a lot of the choir members but we're all hanging in there and supporting each other.

Hoping fervently that we'll be able to get back together, singing next year.

Stay safe everyone!

Here's a snippet of us singing at a rehearsal before Lockdown....

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